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May 26, 2023

Free Spin Master Toy Test: Available Now

I found another Free Spin Master Toy Test for us! First question: how exciting would it be for your kiddo to take part in a Toy Test? Not bad for a first job! Those who are chosen to take part in this will be lucky enough to introduce their kids to one of the following fun products:

Air Hogs Zero Gravity Sprint Remote Control Car Wall Climber

  • this nimble car toy can drive on any smooth surface like walls, floors and even upside down on your ceilings! Can your toy cars do that?
  • Bitzee Interactive Toy Digital Pet and Case

  • these interactive pets respond to swipes, tilts, shakes and touch with sounds and reactions! Each Bitzee starts as a baby puppy, and as you give them love and care, they’ll grow from baby, to adult, to Super Bitzee!
  • Cool Maker PopStyle Bracelet Maker

  • this DIY bracelet kit lets kids create and recreate 10 unique bracelets without any knots, cutting, or clasps, perfect for young bracelet makers!
  • Flowfetti Tube

  • an innovative twist to your child’s playtime by combining the original, moldable Kinetic Sand with sparkly mix-ins. Experience a whole new world of creativity as you unbox your surprise theme!
  • Mold ‘n Flow

  • this kit features 1.5 pounds of red and teal Kinetic Sand that’s ready to mold, shape, and create. With 3 included Kinetic Sand tools – a dome, a knife, and a scoop – kids can unleash their creativity and enjoy hours of open-ended play.
  • Super Sandisfying Playset

  • unlock a world of mesmerizing sand effects, with 2 pounds of Pink, Yellow, and Teal sand and 10 molds and tools
  • Monster Jam Official Grave Digger Trax All-Terrain Remote Control Outdoor Vehicle

  • jump into epic Monster Jam action in any terrain including dirt, rocks, snow and even grass. The unique design with the all-terrain tank treads allows you to float and travel through water for even more fun.
  • Wizarding World Harry Potter, Magical Collector Mystery Wand

  • Just like in the movies, the wand chooses the wizard! Inside the blind box packaging, reveal a surprise 12-inch character wand with a metallic gold Hogwarts display base and die-cast icon accessory unique to the character. Recreate your favorite scenes and pretend to cast your favorite spells!
  • Rubik’s Coach Cube, Learn to Solve 3×3 Cube

  • Want to learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube? Solve quicker with stickers: the 8-step peel-to-reveal method will get you coached on how to solve with the included step by step guide and videos.
  • Would You Rather? Card Game

  • for 3-6 players ages 14 and up, players are forced to make tough decisions between two equally terrible OR equally fabulous options. The real fun comes in trying to guess what the other player’s dealbreakers are! Expect answers to delight, surprise, or even reveal opinions so wrong they’ll have you reconsidering your closest relationships.
  • I have previously been chosen to take part in these wonderful toy tests. It brought so much joy to my child to see that their opinion about toys mattered and her feedback was on point! If you have a little one in your life that would love this experience – please apply. All you need to do is complete the short survey on the liked page.

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