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May 19, 2023

No Frills Digital Coupons

No Frills Digital Coupons are the best NW way to save. In the digital age, saving money while shopping has become easier than ever. The “Pick, Shop, Scan” approach combines the power of PC Optimum™ and NOFRILLS® digital coupons to provide a seamless savings experience. Let’s explore how this innovative method can help you maximize your savings effortlessly.

PC Optimum™ – Unlocking Offers

PC Optimum™ is a popular loyalty program that offers a variety of ways to earn or save money. By partnering with your favorite brands, PC Optimum™ provides tailored offers to meet your preferences. Simply select an offer, sign in to your PC Optimum™ account, shop, and scan your app at checkout to enjoy the benefits.

NOFRILLS® Digital Coupons

NOFRILLS®, a well-loved Canadian grocery chain, has embraced digital coupons. These coupons eliminate the need for physical clipping, making it easier to save money on groceries. Load the digital coupons onto your PC Optimum™ account to start saving without scissors.


The Pick, Shop, Scan Approach

The Pick, Shop, Scan approach combines the convenience of PC Optimum™ and NOFRILLS® digital coupons:
  • Pick: Choose from a wide range of PC Optimum™ offers for your favorite brands and products.
  • Shop: Visit a NOFRILLS® or participating retailer and collect the items associated with your selected offers.
  • Scan: At the checkout, scan your PC Optimum™ app to apply the loaded digital coupons automatically. Enjoy instant savings on your purchase.
  • Here are the current offers:

    1. 500 points For every purchase of General Mills jumbo cereal
    2. 50¢ off Liberte Mediterranee yogurt 500g
    3. $1 off Peek Freans cookies 275-350g
    4. $1 off Chapman’s Yukon Novelties 5-8’s
    5. $3 off Energizer batteries AA8 or AAA4
    6. $1.50 off Iogo Nano drinkable yogurt 900 ml
    7. 75¢ off Lactania Ultra Pur 1.5L, selected varieties
    8. 50¢ off any 3M Command branded products

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