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September 13, 2022

No deposit casino bonuses: what is it all about?

Online casinos that do not offer bonuses are basically completely unthinkable. The operators of the online casinos are of course aware of the fact that the bonus offers are absolutely indispensable with the enormously large competition that now prevails on the gambling market. This also applies to all reputable online casinos in Canada that can be found at, where the most diverse bonuses are listed. On the one hand, the bonus offers attract new customers, but also the existing customers are rewarded with the most diverse bonus offers for their loyalty. As a rule, however, bonus offers are linked to certain conditions, but there are also the so-called no deposit offers. This is a casino bonus that does not require a deposit. This type of bonus is of course particularly popular among players. What it is all about is explained below.

Bonuses enjoy great popularity among Canadians

There are many different bonuses offered by online casinos in Canada. These include, for example, the welcome bonuses, which are intended as a gift for new customers, but also the free spins bonuses for new or particularly popular slot machines, as well as loyalty bonuses for loyal gamblers and several others. All these types of bonuses have one thing in common: they are granted only after the online gambler has deposited money into his player account beforehand. Nevertheless, these bonuses are very popular, because the deposit is often at least doubled and the budget for playing is then of course much larger. However, these bonuses are also always linked to certain conditions, which can be very different. Therefore, it is very important to always read the conditions very carefully beforehand. Meanwhile, the operators of online casinos are becoming more and more generous and even offer lucrative no deposit bonuses. The reason for this is certainly the constantly growing competition in the online gambling market. Such bonus offers are also called “no deposit bonus”. Either through them you get a free credit or a certain number of free spins. With the no deposit bonuses it is even possible to win real money. These offers are of course very popular. However, it is not only the Canadian gambler who benefits from this, who can have fun in the online casino without any financial risk, but also the casino itself, because this is how new customers are won, who then quickly advance to become loyal regular customers.

How to get a coveted no deposit bonus

In fact, in order to claim such a no deposit bonus, you do not have to make a deposit. However, such a no deposit bonus is only available to newly registered players. The free bonus is credited to the player immediately, as soon as he has subscribed to the online casino. Immediately, the games for real cash winnings can begin. One has to be careful though, because it is possible that a bonus code has to be entered during the registration process. If you are not careful at this point and miss this opportunity, you have lost the chance to get the free bonus. Whether it is necessary to activate such a bonus code can be read transparently in the bonus description and the turnover requirements. As usual with all other bonus offers, it is also important to study the terms and conditions for the coveted no deposit bonus very carefully before signing up.

The different variants with a bonus without deposit

Strictly speaking, there are three different types of no deposit bonuses. However, two of these variants are usually the most commonly offered in Canada. The third variant, which is found rather rarely in the popular online casinos, is a play for time. The player is credited with a certain amount, which he can then use within 30 minutes, for example. Once this time has elapsed, the unused credit expires and is deleted from the player’s account. However, the following two variants are far more common:

Free spins without deposit as bonus offer

With this widespread type of no deposit bonus, the player gets a certain number of free spins for a given slot as a gift. As a rule, these are slots that have been newly added to the game offer of an online casino. However, this bonus is also offered on older games or particularly popular gambling games. As a rule, between 10 and 25 free games are provided. However, there are also online casinos that grant even 50, 100 or even more free games. However, you have to know that if you win money here, you cannot withdraw it directly. First of all, all winnings are converted into bonus money, which must then be released. All information about this can be found in the bonus conditions of your online casino.

Credit without deposit to choose freely in the online gambling offer

The no deposit bonus in this case works very similar to the Free Spins. However, there is then a gift of credit of, for example, 5 or 10 Canadian dollars. This given money can be used to immediately start any gambling game of the action online. Also with this no deposit bonus there are often specifications, for example as a restriction, for which games the credit can be used. The winnings are also converted back into bonus money and can be released according to the turnover requirements, then only paid out to your own bank account like all other money winnings.

Pay attention to the bonus conditions for maximum cash gifts from online casinos

Of course, no one wants to give away their money. Logically, of course, this also applies to the reputable and trustworthy online casinos in Canada. For this reason, the no deposit bonus is always linked to certain conditions. These must be strictly adhered to, so that you get your winnings paid out as real money in the end. Since the rollover requirements differ from provider to provider, it is important to always read the conditions carefully beforehand. If you do not really understand something, it is recommended to contact customer support immediately. This applies to the no deposit bonus offers as well as to all other bonus offers. Basically, you should always find out in advance what turnover requirements these are linked to. This turnover requirement is an x-fold turnover of the winnings from the free bonus credit. This turnover must take place within a specified period of time. A 25 to 35 times turnover in a period of 30 days is definitely a fair offer, because even newbies can easily fulfill these conditions. It is also important to know that these bonuses are subject to a withdrawal limit. That means that the amount that will be paid out in the end is capped. The maximum amount is usually between 100 C§ and 200 C§.

Test the new online casinos completely at no risk with no deposit bonus

There is a very simple reason why the no deposit bonus is so popular: It offers every new customer the opportunity to test the online casino under real conditions. Without any financial risk, you can then try out different games. If you have luck on your side, you can also build up a little extra credit with the bonus. Among no deposit bonuses, free spins are the most popular. Meanwhile, it is a common procedure for online casino providers to credit new players with a few free spins upon registration. In the end, enthusiastic new customers can quickly become loyal regular players then.

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