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How the online gaming market is flourishing due to promotions

January 27, 2021, BY

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The gaming industry has grown exponentially across the globe. One of the fastest growing sectors in tech, the market was valued at $151.55 billion in 2019. It’s also expected to reach an estimated $256.97 by 2025 — an astonishing figure, but realistic with such a quickly-evolving marketplace. The fastest growing market is in Latin America, with Asia Pacific as the largest market at the moment.

Due to this market growth, online gaming providers are becoming more and more competitive when it comes to gaining new players and attracting them to their various platforms and brands. After all — who wouldn’t want a piece of the impressive revenue opportunities? But how are these gaming companies getting an edge over the competition? Read on to find out more.

The different tactics

Social media promotions Many gaming companies have been utilising social media marketing to get new customers onboard. More people than ever are getting their information through social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and even TikTok. In order for brands to ensure they’re accessing their target audiences they need to make sure they’re getting their message across about games like they need to do so through various social media accounts. The companies that are taking this onboard the most include gaming companies like video games, but also online casinos. Investing a budget specifically for social media promotions (including paid campaigns) is important for any gaming company looking to get an edge over their competitors in the marketplace.

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Many gaming providers utilise social media platforms to advertise their games to players, some even advertise on other games.

Free Gaming Modes Everyone loves getting something for free. In order for brands and companies to attract their customers, offering some free gaming experiences is one way to build a customer base. Most providers have now introduced free gaming modes so that players can ‘try before they buy’ the game and invest real money. If the players like the game (which providers hope that they will) they’re more likely to play for the full game version.

A lot of providers in the gambling industry also provide free gaming modes for their players. For example, some providers who offer slot games offer their players the chance to gain free spins on their games such as online slots Canada who reward their players with this option.

Many gaming companies, especially those that produce games for mobile phones and tablets, now offer what’s called a freemium model. The freemium model works really well for mobile games. This involves letting players play a certain part of the game — or even the game in full — and then have options to buy add-ons. If you’re playing a game with characters, for example, this could include new outfits or attributes. Or it could be new maps, as another example. Examples of games that have operated with a ‘freemium’ model include Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans and Temple Run — all with great success for their companies and getting audiences playing their games. Bonuses The online casino industry makes up a huge part of the gaming industry. Their success has meant that many land-based casinos are competing with their online counterparts — as more people than ever want to access their favourite casino games from the comfort of home, or while on the move through smartphones and tablets. The success of the industry no means that there are hundreds of global casino brands fighting to attract new customers. And one of the best ways that they do that is through sign up bonuses. The concept of the sign-up bonus is simple — it’s a reward given to customers, usually in the form of payment to use towards games, that they get for signing up and playing. This encourages customers to sign up to the casino and begin playing games as they have free money to play with. The hope is that once they’ve begun playing the games on the casino website, they’ll want to continue playing their favourite games with this brand. There’s a huge amount of different bonuses offered by different casino brands including promotional offers, discounts and more — but the concept remains the same.

VIP programmes

Once a casino has a customer signed up, they have to work hard to retain them. It can be easy to be drawn away by other sign up bonuses that another casino may offer. The way that casinos do this is through VIP and loyalty programmes.

The concept of the loyalty programme is also simple: players who continue to access the website and play games are rewarded. This usually happens on an incentive basis — so, for example, if you play for a certain number of hours you might get a free play. As the saying goes, it’s easier to keep a customer coming back than attract a new one. And loyalty programmes are built to do just that.

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Some gaming sites, mainly gambling providers offer a VIP loyalty programme to reward their customers who return to the site to play.

Keeping ahead of the curb

One of the most important ways that online casinos can keep customers happy — and coming back — is through their game offering. The expectations of players are now extremely high as the quality of games has improved dramatically over the years. Online casinos need to make sure they’re offering the newest and best gaming experiences to their customers. If a customer gets bored, it’s likely they’ll be drawn elsewhere, so ensuring that they’re getting the latest and best games from developers as part of their gaming selection is hugely important.


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