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Free spins and online casino bonuses – the advantages of online gambling

Free spins and online casino bonuses – the advantages of online gambling

August 9, 2022

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Online casinos are always striving to satisfy their customers and attract new ones. The most attractive methods to accomplish this are bonus offers, as there is an obvious added value for the customers. Of course, these very special new customer bonuses must also be able to be realized in other forms for regular customers, because the goal is, after all, for a player to play at an online casino as often and as long as possible.     In the past, some types of bonuses have proven to be particularly lucrative. All players love free spins, as they can lead to a completely risk-free game with no money wagered of their own. These free spins have done it to the players and can also be found again and again in casinos like and others. A no deposit bonus also belongs to this category, as it also does not require any money wagering at first. Among the deposit bonuses, the welcome bonus is especially popular, as it provides a high bonus money sum usually with even additional free spins.    

The no deposit bonus as a taster opportunity at the online casino

    With a real money no deposit bonus, players can enjoy the online casino with its games to the fullest even before the first deposit. Immediately after registration, the amount of money, often between 5 and 100 EUR/USD, is made available. No own deposit is necessary, so that the player can then start playing with the available amount and usually also use all areas and games of the online casino. Only the live casino is excluded from this arrangement. Real winnings can be achieved and can also be brought to the payout. However, before the first payout, a deposit is then nevertheless necessary to activate the payment transaction.     Free samples like spins also belong to the no deposit bonus category, as they can also be granted by an online casino provider after registration. They are specific to one slot or game and only allow you to play that particular game. This makes them less flexible than the real money no deposit bonuses. In both cases, however, players can now get to know the features of the casino provider and fully immerse themselves in a game without having to take any risks of their own. If they prefer to play on a phone or a tablet, this is also easy possible. 


The welcome bonus as the first deposit bonus for new customers

    New customers at the online casino are usually welcomed with a welcome bonus. This welcome bonus can be coupled with a bonus amount or in a package with several deposits. Especially the coupled bonuses are often associated with very high sums. Although deposits must be made at all levels, bonus amounts of more than 1,000 EUR/USD can accumulate, which of course magically attract players. The welcome bonus is designed to attract new players to the online casino and provide them with a starting sum with which they can complete their first games at the casino without having to take full risk with their own money.     Players who get a welcome bonus, however, must always pay attention to the turnover requirements, which may well vary greatly from online casino to online casino. Here, the amount of the rollover and the time period that is available for the turnover should mainly be taken into account. In addition, there are the games that can actually be used for the rollover. Mostly, this is limited by the online casino in the bonus conditions to slots. Table games can often only be used at very low percentages or are omitted altogether.    

Cashback bonus offers as a credit boost

    Many online casinos hold cashback opportunities for their regular customers. The cashback has the great advantage that there are no turnover requirements and the money can be used or paid out immediately. All bets and resulting winnings and losses from an assessment period are taken. As a rule, this is one week. If the player makes more losses than winnings, the difference can be eligible for cashback. Usually, 10-15% of the difference is returned, giving the player and his account a booster. Nevertheless, it must always be kept in mind that the cashback is related to a preceding loss.     Therefore, many players justifiably see the cashback only as a consolation and not as a real bonus. But of course, the money received back can be used again and maybe it even serves to make up for the entire loss. Just don’t assume it firmly. Players should always approach the casino game with a solid money management. Only those who proceed emotionlessly according to a system and do not allow themselves to be carried away by spontaneous actions can be successful in the long term. It is always about minimizing losses and optimizing profits. Cashback is an instrument for loss reduction and has thus already found its raison d’être.    

Bonus offers – the big advantage of online casinos

    Online gambling in the beginning had to repeatedly debunk the argument that playing in the virtual environment simply can not match the real experience. In order to still get customers interested in the content, a concept that no one could resist was needed. The bonus system was born and already online casinos had an argument in hand where land-based casino providers could not compete. To this day, land-based casinos have not found a remedy to the casino bonus that drives masses of players to online casinos. The Corona pandemic has once again strengthened this trend in the long term.     Meanwhile, players themselves have also found that the quality of play at the online casino is not necessarily worse than it may seem at the land-based casino. The experience is different and there are certainly some elements missing. However, in return, there are some things that the land-based casinos simply can’t offer and it is into this breach that the providers in the online sector are plunging. Of course, there are great casinos whose visit is still an experience. However, it is an event that is not regularly sought by the large number of players. In the online casino, on the other hand, the player can play his favorite games over and over again every day.    

Conclusion about online gambling and its bonus offers

    Gambling is as popular as never before and If bonus offers are fairly structured, there is no reason for the player not to accept them, as it simply means more in terms of wagering volume. Those who proceed with a skillful plan and a betting strategy have the best prerequisites to be able to celebrate winnings in the online casino again and again in the long run.

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