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Canadian Couponing Abbreviations and Terminology

October 20, 2016, BY

couponing-abbreviations-terminology-695x300 AC– After Coupon

BOGO, B1G1– Buy One Get One (Free)

B2G1– Buy 2 Get 1 Free

WUB– When You Buy

C/O– Cents Off Coupon

WUS– When You Spend

IP– Internet Printable Coupon

NED– No Expiry Date

RC– Rain Check

SMP– Specially Marked Packages

MFC- Manufacturer Coupon

FAR– Free After Rebate

FPC– Free Product Coupon (this product is free with this coupon, but in some cases you may still have to pay the tax)

Tear Pad Coupon– Coupons available in stores for customers to take

Coupon Zone– A board available in Loblaws, Independent, Real Canadian Superstore chains usually at the front of the store. Can only use in these specific stores

Booklet Coupon– Coupons you find in a product information pamphlet

Product Coupon– Coupons found inside of or on the box of a product (can be used in future purchases)

Peelie Coupon– Coupons that are attached to the package of the product (can be torn off and used during that transaction)

Insert Coupons– Coupons found in flyer inserts or in the paper

POP– Proof of Purchase

MIR– Mail in Rebate (fill out the form after you have purchased the product to get your savings)

Stacking Coupons– Using more than one coupon per product (See our article on Stacking Coupons)

Per Purchase– Most coupons say one per purchase (one item is one purchase, two items are two purchases). If you have 2 of the same coupon you can use them for of the same item. Each item is one separate purchase

Per Customer– When a coupon limited your purchase to 1 product per person

Max Value– The highest dollar amount that can be claimed on a coupon

OOP– Out of Pocket. The final price after sales, price-matching, coupons etc

Overage– When the coupon value exceeds the product value, you not only get the product for free but you get money back. (this is not common when couponing in Canada)

Price Matching– Paying the advertised price of another store by showing them the flyer or advertisement. (See a list of stores that price match)

SCOP– Scanning Code of Practice. When participating stores have items that come up at the wrong price at the cash you get them for free or $10 off if the cost if more than $10. See our blog about Scanning Code of Practice.

UPC– Universal Product Code

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