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Halloween Costume Ideas on a Budget

September 19, 2018, BY


Budget-Friendly Halloween Costume Ideas

Can you believe Halloween 2018 is already just over a month away? If you’re like us – you absolutely love the fun of Halloween. Half the fun of Halloween is dressing up as your favourite characters from recent TV shows, to old movies. Whether you want to do a scary zombie from the Walking Dead or Mary Poppins, Halloween gives you the chance to get creative with your outfit. Your costume doesn’t have to break the bank to be great. Here are some ideas on how to do a great Halloween costume on a budget.

Go Thrift Shopping

  • Visiting your local thrift store is a great way to pick up some eclectic second-hand items that can add to your costume for a much smaller cost. From old umbrellas to plaid shirts, each store will have unique items that you can turn into something great. You can find some great gems in these thrift stores all while spending very little money. You will be surprised at how much you can stretch your dollar here.
  • Many thrift shops like Value Village sell used costumes and new costumes so you can find everything in one easy location
  • With an old umbrella, button-up shirt, hat, and skirt you can easily be Mary Poppins!

Hit Up The Dollar Store

  • The dollar store is a goldmine for Halloween costumes.
  • You can find easy accessories to make a costume like crowns, animal ears, vampire teeth, masks, and so much more.
  • Use these easy Halloween accessories and combine them whatever you have at home for an easy costume.

Comb Through Your Closet

  • If you don’t know where to start with your costume, look through your closet! It’s amazing what costume potential you can find in old clothes, dresses, and outfits.
  • For example, grab your old jeans and a tie-dye T-shirt and you already have a fun hippie costume.
  • With an old denim or leather jacket, you could easily dress up as a rocker.

Get Creative with Your Hair and Makeup

  • Are costumes not your thing? If you don’t have time to get your attire together, you can still do a lot with hair and makeup to dress up for the occasion. From glitter and glam to blood and guts, your makeup can be the bulk of your costume if done right. You can use everything from hair calk to wigs to get the appearance of your character with very little time and money invested.
  • An easy costume to do with makeup is just to use white and brown eyeliner, you can turn yourself into a fun woodland deer.
  • With some black eyeliner as whiskers, cheap ears from the dollar store and a cute dress you already own you could turn yourself into a mouse, cat, or anything else!
  • You can easily find costume blood at the dollar store and use it to be a zombie, vampire, and much more.
I still haven’t figured out what I am going to be for Halloween yet. I guess it will be a surprise! What is your costume?

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