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23 Ingenious Ways to Use Vaseline That You Never Thought Of

April 16, 2023, BY

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Petroleum jelly – you probably have some stashed away in your medicine cabinet or have at least heard of it. Recognizable by its blue lid and greasy texture, this product has always been around, but what can we use it for besides lip care?


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The term “Vaseline” is often used as a generic term for petroleum jelly. In Portugal, Unilever products are called Vaselina, and in Brazil, they are known as Vasenol.

Vaseline was developed by a chemist who purified kerosene from sperm whale oil. In 1859, Robert Cheesebrough started searching for new materials for his fuel, as there were not enough sperm whales on the market. His quest led him to the oil fields of Titusville, Pennsylvania, where he discovered ‘rod wax,’ a residue that workers had to remove from oil rig pumps periodically to prevent blockage. The locals used it to treat cuts and burns. Intrigued, Cheesebrough took samples back to his lab in Brooklyn. He extracted petroleum jelly from the rod wax, named it Vaseline, and the Chesebrough Manufacturing Company produced it until Unilever acquired the company in 1987.

Petroleum jelly is incredibly versatile and is used worldwide to protect and heal dry skin, from dry, cracked hands to rough skin on heels, as well as for beauty purposes, like softening lips or accentuating cheekbones!

Ready to explore some surprising uses for petroleum jelly? Here are 35 ways to maximize the potential of this multi-purpose product.
Prevent Lipstick on Teeth

Tired of getting lipstick on your teeth? Before applying lipstick, smear some petroleum jelly on your teeth to keep them free of color.

Remove a Stuck Ring

To remove a tight ring, apply petroleum jelly generously to your finger, ensuring it gets under the ring, and gently pull.

Remove Gum from Hair

To remove gum from hair, massage petroleum jelly into the affected section, periodically using a dry cloth or absorbent towel to remove excess. It takes time but is effective.

Soothe an Itchy Scalp

For dry, itchy scalp patches, rub a small amount of petroleum jelly in to alleviate discomfort.

Soften Dry, Cracked Feet

For a home remedy to soften feet, apply petroleum jelly generously to your heels and toes before bedtime, put on a pair of socks you don’t mind ruining, and go to bed. Repeat as needed for noticeable results.

Protect Your Dog’s Feet in Winter

Petroleum jelly can protect your dog’s feet from winter elements, too. In fact, it may work better than expensive pet store balms.

Prevent Chafing

Massage petroleum jelly into areas prone to chafing or friction, such as the groin, inner thighs, neck, nipples, armpits, ankles, or the base of the spine.

Heal Cuticles

For dry or painful cuticles, follow the same method as for feet: massage petroleum jelly into your cuticles, put on gloves, and go to bed. By morning, your fingers will feel better and healing will have begun.

DIY Skin Scrub

Create a moisturizing skin scrub by mixing 1/2 teaspoon of petroleum jelly with 1 teaspoon of brown sugar. Increase measurements as needed, and use it on hands or feet for softer skin.

After Shaving

After shaving, use petroleum jelly to soothe and protect your skin from irritation.

Extend Razor Life

Prevent rust and keep razors like new by applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the blades between uses. Ensure the blades are completely dry first.

Makeup Remover

To gently remove makeup without harsh chemicals, try using petroleum jelly. It’s gentle on your skin and effective.

Moisturize Your Lashes

Apply petroleum jelly to your lashes before bed to keep them soft and strong. For a mascara-free way to make your lashes look longer, a small dab will do the trick, giving them a darker, glossier appearance.

Remove False Eyelashes Safely

Petroleum jelly can also be used to safely remove false eyelashes and eliminate any leftover glue residue.

Tame Unruly Eyebrows

To keep eyebrows in place, simply dab a small amount of petroleum jelly onto each brow.

Prevent Hair Dye Stains

To avoid staining your ears or forehead when dyeing your hair at home, apply a line of petroleum jelly across your forehead and spread it on your ears. Just be careful not to get any on your hair or hairline, as it will prevent the dye from being absorbed.

Neater Nail Painting

Prevent nail polish from getting on your skin by outlining your nails with petroleum jelly before painting. Use a Q-tip for precision, and any polish that goes outside the lines will wipe off easily.

Easy-to-Open Nail Polish

Apply petroleum jelly around the edge of the thread on your nail polish bottle to make it easier to open next time.

Cheek Highlighter

Swap your usual highlighter for petroleum jelly to achieve a dewy look on your cheeks and under-eye area.

Prolong Your Perfume

Make your scent last longer by applying petroleum jelly to your pulse points before spritzing your perfume.

Create Creamy Eyeshadow

Turn powdered eyeshadow into a creamy formula by mixing it with a dollop of petroleum jelly.

Conceal Split Ends

While split ends can only be fixed with a trim, you can temporarily hide them by massaging a small amount of petroleum jelly into the tips.

Preserve Pumpkins

Make your carved pumpkins last longer by rubbing petroleum jelly on the cut surfaces to seal them and slow down rotting.

Protect Car Batteries

Before winter, disconnect your car battery terminals, clean them with a wire brush, reconnect them, and then coat them with petroleum jelly to prevent corrosion.

Paint Splatter Prevention

Apply petroleum jelly to areas where you don’t want paint to stick, like windows, and wipe it off afterward.

Stain Remover

Rub petroleum jelly into oily or waxy fabric stains, then wash as usual.

Lubricate Stuck Objects

Before reaching for WD-40, try petroleum jelly to fix creaky doors, stuck drawers, and stiff locks.

Slug Repellent

Mix petroleum jelly with a bit of salt and spread it where you don’t want slugs to go, such as on plant pots.

Revive Dried Leather

Restore aged, dried leather items by covering them with petroleum jelly, including seams and stitches, letting them sit overnight, and wiping off any excess with a soft cloth.

Shoe Shine Alternative

Though not a perfect substitute, petroleum jelly can make your dry shoes, handbags, and wallets look new again. Rub it in with a soft cloth and buff.

Fix Water Marks and Scratches on Wood

For minor damage, apply petroleum jelly to the affected area, leave it overnight, and then rub off any excess with a soft cloth.

Keep Glue Fresh

Prevent glue from drying out by applying petroleum jelly under the cap and around the rim, ensuring the lid doesn’t glue itself shut.

Lubricate Keyholes

If you live in a cold climate, you’re familiar with the hassle of frozen locks. Once a year, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to both the locks and keys of your home. Then, insert the key into the lock and work it back and forth to coat the mechanism. The petroleum jelly will help keep excess moisture out of the tumbler, preventing it from freezing.

Prevent Outdoor Lightbulb Sticking

Next time you replace your outdoor lightbulb, apply some petroleum jelly to the thread. This will make it much easier to unscrew when it needs to be replaced again.

Protect Tools from Rust

Extend the life of your tools by applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the dry blades and edges. This will help keep rust and decay at bay.

Seal Small Cracks

You can temporarily seal small cracks in windows or other surfaces by applying a layer of Vaseline. This will help keep out drafts and moisture until you can properly repair the damage.

Reduce Diaper Rash

For babies with sensitive skin, applying a thin layer of Vaseline on the diaper area can help prevent diaper rash by creating a barrier between the skin and moisture.

Polish Brass and Copper

Use Vaseline to shine and polish brass and copper items. Simply apply a small amount to a soft cloth and rub the surface until it shines.

Lubricate Hinges

Apply Vaseline to door hinges, cabinet hinges, or other squeaky hinges to reduce noise and help them move more smoothly.

Prevent Blisters

Before wearing new shoes or shoes that may cause friction, apply Vaseline to the areas that are prone to blisters, like the back of your heels, to reduce the chances of getting blisters.

Protect Skin from Hair Dye

When coloring your hair at home, apply Vaseline to the skin around your hairline, ears, and neck. This will help prevent hair dye from staining your skin.

DIY Lip Scrub

Combine Vaseline with a bit of granulated sugar to create a simple and effective lip scrub. Gently rub the mixture onto your lips to exfoliate and moisturize them.

Ease Earring Insertion

If you have difficulty putting on earrings, especially if your piercings are new or haven’t been used in a while, apply a bit of Vaseline to the earring posts to make insertion easier and more comfortable.

Remove Stickers or Labels

Vaseline can be used to remove stubborn stickers or labels from glass, plastic, or other surfaces. Apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly to the sticker, let it sit for a few minutes, and then gently rub it off with a cloth or your fingers.

Condition and Protect Rubber Seals

To keep rubber seals on appliances and other items from drying out and cracking, apply a thin layer of Vaseline to them. This will help maintain their elasticity and prolong their lifespan.

Now you know a variety of new and creative ways to use petroleum jelly. From personal care to home maintenance, this versatile product can be a real lifesaver. Start incorporating it into your daily routines and discover the many benefits for yourself.

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